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Our Story

January 2024: The Beginning of Knotted Commerce

Knotted Commerce was officially founded in January 2024, born from the vision and experience of industry veterans. Our mission was clear from the start: to provide seamless integration and support services that keep our clients connected, trading, and optimised.

The Pre-Knotted Days: Laying the Foundations 

Our co-founders, Tom and Ady, developed their expertise in retail integrations over a span of five+ years while scaling the Patchworks iPaaS business. Ady served as COO, and Tom headed up Sales. Together, they managed the integration needs of over 400 high-growth retail brands, overseeing scoping, delivery, and support.

2020: Innovation in Adversity

During the COVID-19 lockdown, We pivoted to a fully remote business model and pioneered the first integration support desk offering to clients like Huel and Tomorrow Limited. This initiative laid the groundwork for the advanced support desk 2.0 we now offer at Knotted Commerce.

2021: Growth & Investment

Our successful support contracts and burgeoning development projects made our business attractive for venture capital. In 2021, we secured the first of four rounds of Series A investment, propelling us to new heights.

2022: Breaking New Ground

In 2022, we delivered a groundbreaking full-service integration support and optimisation offering to Castore. This innovative approach has since become a cornerstone of our service portfolio. Additionally, we trialled and supported our first agency delivery partnership, proving the concept for future endeavours.

2023: Transition & Expansion

In 2023, Patchworks welcomed new leadership and transitioned the business into a full-fledged agency delivery model. By September 2023, we had cleared our project backlog and fully shifted Patchworks to an agency delivery model, paving the way for our exit and the birth of Knotted Commerce.

2024: Knotted Commerce Was Born!

Our Values

Striving for excellence

We’re an ambitious bunch that has been a part of the biggest success stories in the UK eCom industry. We aim high and are committed to delivering industry-leading integration services that streamline operations and fuel growth. 

We dedicate ourselves to hard work and never accept anything less than the best. Excellence is our standard, and we continuously strive to exceed it.

Transparency is key

Clear communication is the cornerstone of what we do at Knotted Commerce. By fostering a transparent dialogue we can create an environment of trust that allows us to achieve your goals and the success of the project.

Overcome challenges head-on

We don’t make problems, we solve them. The nature of our work means that we’re always ready to overcome challenges and find the most creative solutions. Our years of domain knowledge have put us in the perfect position to solve any metaphorical eCommerce Rubix Cube.

We care about you

Love is in the air, and we want to share that love with you. Your business matters to us and we want to go above and beyond to make our relationship a huge success. 

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We're an integration agency that utilises the power of iPaaS to streamline the flow of data and connect tech stacks for growing retail brands.

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