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How Our Integrations Helped Prepare AYBL and BOA for Seamless International Trade

AYBL Group, which consists of the popular athleisure brand AYBL and contemporary British womenswear outfit Because Of Alice, needed help with their customs regulations and legislation for international trade. That’s when they enlisted our help to integrate their PeopleVox warehouse solution into Britannia.  

Charlotte Medlock


“We knew the best thing for the business was to move away from our own internally developed platform and onto Shopify. The appeal of Shopify is that it regularly brings out new and exciting functionality which seamlessly allows businesses to adapt to the market faster.

Additionally, we adopted NetSuite because it can integrate into our entire tech stack and deliver powerful financial and product management capabilities.”

The Results

Peoplevox > Britannia FTP – Orders

This facilitates the seamless transmission of order data, ensuring that every new order processed in Peoplevox is promptly communicated to Britannia. This synchronisation allows AYBL and BOA to maintain accurate records for customs documentation, streamline order fulfilment, and enhance compliance with international trade regulations.

Peoplevox > Britannia FTP – Stock

The integration pushes inventory data automatically into Britannia. This ensures that stock levels are up-to-date, optimising AYBL and BOA’s inventory management and ensuring smooth customs clearance processes.


Peoplevox integration
NetSuite Integration

Peoplevox > Britannia FTP – Products

Any updates or changes to product information in Peoplevox are immediately reflected in Britannia. This enables AYBL and BOA to maintain accurate and consistent product details across all systems, which is crucial for customs declarations and compliance with international trade legislation.

Peoplevox > Britannia FTP – Stock Removals

Integrating stock removal data between Peoplevox and Britannia automates the reporting of inventory reductions, whether due to sales, damages, or other reasons. This real-time data exchange helps AYBL and BOA accurately track inventory changes in their warehouse/online store, ensuring proper documentation for customs and improving the efficiency of their supply chain.

Peoplevox > Britannia FTP – Returns

By integrating AYBL and BOA’s returns data from Peoplevox to Britannia ensures that all return transactions are recorded accurately and promptly. This allows them to manage returned goods efficiently, maintain accurate inventory records, and comply with customs regulations regarding the movement of returned merchandise. 

Change Requests and Challenges in the Integration Project

During the integration project, we managed several change requests to adapt to the AYBL Group’s evolving needs. One significant change was the expansion of the project scope to include additional flows for stock removals, ensuring comprehensive inventory management. Additionally, we implemented a further change request to separate services by brand for AYBL and BOA, providing tailored solutions for each entity.

A notable challenge we faced was an issue of incorrect status codes being passed between the two systems. We overcame this with the creation of another change request to modify the logic and address the discrepancies, ensuring accurate data transmission and seamless integration across platforms.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Throughout the project, we worked closely with Britannia to maintain a strong communication loop which was vital in understanding whether the data being sent was correct on their end, this was particularly important during build and testing.  Additionally, we collaborated with our trusted partners Patchworks, who were the iPaaS of choice, and Peoplevox, who we have already successfully launched several integration projects connecting their industry-leading warehouse solution. 

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