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Integrating NetSuite and Shopify Plus: The Dream Duo

Written by Harry Bray

Shopify Plus NetSuite Integration

As eCommerce businesses grow the cracks begin to appear within their tech stack architecture and the need for more robust, scalable solutions becomes apparent. The creme de la creme of solution combos? Simple… NetSuite with Shopify Plus. 

NetSuite and Shopify Plus are a formidable duo that can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of high-volume eCommerce businesses. This powerhouse combo has been implemented by some of the world’s most exciting brands to have emerged over the last 5 years including GymShark, Lounge Underwear and Castore. In today’s article, we’re going to discuss the benefits of integrating NetSuite and Shopify Plus to create a future-proof tech stack that fuels business growth!  

Real-Time Data Sync

One of the most significant advantages of integrating NetSuite with Shopify Plus is the synchronisation of customer, product, and order data in real time. This integration eliminates common issues such as over-selling or understocking by providing accurate inventory levels across all sales channels.

Furthermore, it streamlines order fulfilment processes, ensuring that orders are processed efficiently from placement to delivery. This not only optimises inventory management but also provides a comprehensive financial overview, thereby improving decision-making capabilities.

Ready for High-Volume Trading

Events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) demand exceptional performance from eCommerce platforms. The combination of NetSuite and Shopify Plus, when integrated by an iPaaS solution like Patchworks, prepares businesses to handle these peak periods without hiccups. This integration ensures that systems don’t buckle under high demand, preventing lost sales, store downtime, data inconsistencies, and poor customer experiences. Effective handling of large data volumes keeps your eCommerce engine running smoothly which in turn allows your business to take full advantage of peak periods such as BFCM – maximising revenue, reducing customer churn and elevating satisfaction…what’s not to love?!

In 2023, the Patchworks platform processed 33 million transactions via the NetSuite to Shopify integration across 4 customers alone, showcasing the scalability and reliability of the iPaaS during peak periods. This substantial figure underscores the tangible benefits businesses experience, from maximising revenue opportunities to streamlining operations for sustainable growth.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Today’s online shoppers expect real-time interaction with eCommerce platforms. By integrating NetSuite with Shopify Plus, businesses can provide their customers with live updates on stock availability, order status, and tracking information. This transparency enhances the customer experience by setting accurate expectations and minimising frustrations related to order fulfilment. Additionally, a seamless integration simplifies the return process, making it easier for customers to send back products and for businesses to manage returns efficiently. Add all this functionality together and you’ve got some happy customers, returning business and brand ambassadors! 

Leveraging 360-Degree Reporting

NetSuite and Shopify Plus are a hub of valuable data, but you need to align them to get the full picture. By integrating these platforms, decision-makers can access detailed, real-time insights into various aspects of the business. Whether it’s analysing product line performance during the Christmas period, tracking marketing campaign effectiveness, or forecasting sales trends, 360-degree reporting capabilities empower businesses to make informed strategic decisions based on reliable numbers. These insights are pivotal in confidently shaping successful business strategies and adjusting to market dynamics effectively.

Overcoming Integration Challenges with Specialists

NetSuite integrations can be notably complex (trust us we know!) due to the ERP system’s highly customisable framework. Unlike standard plug-and-play solutions, NetSuite requires a nuanced approach to tailor its vast capabilities to specific business needs. This complexity underscores the importance of engaging integration specialists such as Knotted Commerce, who have the expertise to connect NetSuite with Shopify Plus. Our specialist knowledge ensures that the integration not only works flawlessly but puts your business in a position to scale up!

“We knew there would be significant customisation and development required during the project due to the highly customisable nature of NetSuite, which the Knotted Commerce team took in their stride. The project was ultimately delivered ahead of schedule.”

Matt Smith

Operations Manager, London Lash Pro

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