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How We Integrated Kidly’s New End-To-End eCommerce Tech Stack

KIDLY wanted to take advantage of Shopify’s feature rich functionality and move away from its internally developed eCommerce platform. Additionally, KIDLY wanted to adopt a new finance and product management system that could sit at the heart of its new scalable tech stack. That’s where we entered the frame to scope, project manage and integrate NetSuite, Shopify and JDA.

Charlotte Medlock


“We knew the best thing for the business was to move away from our own internally developed platform and onto Shopify. The appeal of Shopify is that it regularly brings out new and exciting functionality which seamlessly allows businesses to adapt to the market faster.

Additionally, we adopted NetSuite because it can integrate into our entire tech stack and deliver powerful financial and product management capabilities.”

The Results

Shopify and JDA Integration

  • Orders: The seamless transfer of orders from Shopify to JDA enables prompt order processing and fulfilment. This integration reduces manual entry errors and expedited shipping, enhancing the customer’s shopping experience.
  • Fulfillments: The automatic update of fulfilment statuses from JDA to Shopify ensured that customers receive timely notifications about their order status. This transparency in the fulfilment process increased customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Returns: Simplifying the returns process by automating the transfer of return information from JDA to Shopify streamlines the management of returns. This efficiency minimises the turnaround time for processing returns and issuing refunds.


Shopify Integration
NetSuite Integration
GXO Integration

Shopify and NetSuite Integration

  • Orders and Fulfillments/Cancellations: Direct synchronisation of orders and their statuses (including cancellations) between Shopify and NetSuite facilitates real-time inventory management and financial reporting, enhancing operational accuracy.
  • Returns/Refunds: Automating the returns and refunds process into NetSuite allows for immediate financial adjustments, ensuring accurate financial records and inventory levels.
  • Inventory and Products: Synchronising inventory and product information from NetSuite to Shopify ensures that the Shopify reflects accurate stock levels and product details, preventing overselling and enhancing the catalog’s accuracy.

NetSuite and JDA Integration

  • Purchase Orders and Putaways/Item Receipts: The integration facilitates efficient communication of purchase orders to JDA and the recording of putaways/item receipts, ensuring that inventory levels are accurately updated in real-time.
  • Stock Adjustments and Nightly Stock Reconciliation: Regular updates on stock adjustments and nightly stock reconciliations from JDA to NetSuite maintains accurate inventory records, critical for informed decision-making and financial reporting.
  • Return Authorisations/Receipts and Products: The automation of return authorisations and receipts, along with product information updates, streamlined operations, reducing manual workloads and improving data accuracy.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Throughout the project, we collaborated with a handful of key partners including NetSuite, Patchworks, GXO and Blubolt. The iPaaS of choice was Patchworks, an industry-leading integration platform that seamlessly allows the flow of data across KIDLY’s tech stack. The efficiency of the Patchworks platform has allowed our technical team to build reliable connectors in record-breaking time.

Every growing eCom brand needs a top-quality online store and thanks to Blubolt KIDLY now have just that! Madeleine Gale, Design Lead at Blubolt commented “Given the complexity of KIDLY’s existing site, the priority was a swift integration to Shopify Plus to immediately give the brand more in-house control and flexibility.”


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