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Streamline and enhance your fulfilment operations by integrating your Descartes Peoplevox solution. 

Peoplevox integration

Seamlessly automate your fulfilment with Peoplevox integration


Integrating Descartes Peoplevox with your eCom platform ensures real-time inventory tracking, reducing overselling and stockouts. This leads to better customer satisfaction and faster order processing through automated picking, packing, and shipping. The efficiency gained enhances delivery times and boosts customer loyalty.


Integrating Peoplevox with finance and accounting solutions ensures accurate stock data for financial reporting and forecasting. This accuracy aids in better budget management and cost savings through automation. Detailed tracking and reporting support financial compliance and improve audit readiness.

Fulfilment & Returns

An integrated Peoplevox solution further streamlines fulfilment and returns by automating order processing, reducing manual errors, and speeding up delivery times. Efficient returns management allows for quick restocking of items, optimising inventory levels and improving cash flow.


Actionable Business Insights

By integrating your Peoplevox you can enjoy real-time data on inventory and warehouse operations that aligns with your end-to-end operations. This enables businesses to monitor performance, identify trends and make informed strategic decisions.

We’ve integrated and automated Peoplevox for these brands

After integrating their ERP with Peoplevox WMS, Mark Allsop, CEO of Crafter’s Companion commented “We have achieved a 25% increase in fulfilment efficiency with an error rate of less than 1%

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