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Connect one of the most popular social commerce marketplaces to your tech stack.

TikTok Shop Integration

Grow your social commerce capabilities with our TikTok integration

Social & eCommerce

Integrating your TikTok Shop with your eCommerce platform can boost sales by tapping into TikTok’s massive user base. Seamless integration allows for real-time synchronisation of inventory and orders, ensuring accurate stock levels and preventing overselling via the platform. Integration enhances the customers’ shopping experience, making it easy to purchase directly from the TikTok app, driving higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.


Integrating TikTok Shop with your financial systems provides your team with accurate sales data from social channels. Real-time tracking of transactions ensures precise revenue reporting and financial forecasting. This integration helps manage cash flow more effectively, supports budget planning, and reduces the risk of financial discrepancies by providing a clear audit trail of all sales activities.

Fulfilment & Returns

Connecting TikTok Shop with your fulfilment system streamlines order processing from social media sales. Orders placed through TikTok are automatically routed to your fulfilment system, ensuring quick and accurate picking, packing, and shipping. Efficient returns management is also facilitated, allowing for hassle-free returns processing and quick restocking, improving customer service and maintaining optimal inventory levels.


Actionable Business Insights

TikTok Shop integration enhances reporting capabilities by providing comprehensive data on sales performance and customer behavior. Detailed analytics help identify top-performing products, peak shopping times, and customer preferences. These insights enable data-driven decision-making, optimise marketing strategies/spend, and improve overall business performance by aligning inventory and sales strategies with customer demand.

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